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Meet the ArtSense Author

Creating, Appreciating, Teaching & Inspiring Future Artists

Carolyn Crouse has loved art all her life—creating it, appreciating it, teaching it, and inspiring others to value it too. She holds a BA/SED, K-12 from Auburn University with a double major in Art and English. She earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education from the University of Florida and has taught Art and English in elementary and high schools and art for Elementary Teachers at the college level. Mrs. Crouse has traveled across America training teachers to integrate ARTSENSE across the school curriculum. She has often been a featured speaker on art/curricula integration at state and national educational conferences like: ASCD, Core Knowledge, ACEA and NCEA. 

The ArtSense Story

The ARTSENSE journey began when the author discovered that art typically comprises only 3% of elementary curriculum. A former teacher herself, Mrs. Crouse and her architect husband John, set forth a plan to fill this void in education! They made sure that she first questioned teachers, recording their thoughts and needs for a practical, easy-to-use art resource. With this information, they began their adventure--ultimately producing ARTSENSE, a teacher-friendly program that offers sequential instruction of art content and integrates art with every subject in school curriculum. The resource, paired with popular picture books, inspires teachers and students to learn and create. This is achieved with brief 10-minute entertaining video instruction and simple, easy-to-use lesson plans. 

ArtSense Today

The ARTSENSE story does not end here, however. This award-winning art program has proven for years to be successful in countless school classrooms across the country. Now, it has been transformed into a highly effective, easy-to-use internet ART RESOURCE for home school parents and groups, as well as for technology use in school classrooms. Yes, the ARTSENSE story goes on, reaching millions of students and educators who yearn for creative art experience that is based on important art elements and principles.

Carolyn Crouse always says . . .

There are no wrong answers in art.


There are no wrong answers in art. *

Art is the avenue for success for all students!