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Primary Lesson 1: Lines

Scribbles and so much more!

What You'll Learn in These Lessons

The Artsense PRIMARY ART BASICS SERIES is an online, sequential video program that teaches the ELEMENTS OF ART: LINE, SHAPE, SPACE, COLOR, TEXTURE and FORM. Included in the lessons are important principles of design that connect the elements of art. Four ten-minute, instructional videos teach important art concepts, and are supported by easy-to-follow INDIVIDUAL LESSON PLANS. These offer art vocabulary, fine art examples, plus examples in the natural and man-made environments. Every lesson includes ideas for art-integrated projects and exciting cross-curricula activities. 


The program is designed to teach, excite, and inspire students to discover, understand, create and appreciate art everywhere they look, and to create their own original artworks.

Introducing The Art Element: LINE

What is there to learn about lines? Did you know that ART is older than the written word? Ancient people first drew the world around them with lines, long before they used words. In these lessons, you will meet the nine basic lines. We can draw everything with lines. We see them everywhere! Come along and experience these versatile LINES! They keep very busy making shapes and patterns. Only "dot" says that she is a line is not going anywhere.


In this course, we build on images that are familiar, like faces, animals and nature. The exciting projects are designed to inspire individual and group creativity.

Experience LINES and discover other art elements in this lesson with a 10-minute video and easy-to-follow projects.

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Primary Lesson: LINE