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Primary Lesson 4: Form

What do you know? Paper Bags are Educational! 

What You'll Learn in This Lesson

What can a paper bag teach you? (Doesn’t matter if it’s large or small.) It will teach you the difference between shape and form. Things that are flat, only have two-dimensions(2-D). They are height and width. FORMS, however, have THREE dimensions! (3-D) HEIGHT, WIDTH and DEPTH. If you see a flat paper bag, that’s all it is . . . FLAT! However, open it up and you’ll discover its DEPTH. Create a 3-D paper bag mask and wear it! Model it to teach your parents and others the difference between shape and form.

*Note: Form is intertwined with Space & Shape.

How will I learn about 3D Forms?

Experience FORM and discover other art elements in this lesson with a 10-minute video and easy-to-follow projects.

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Primary Lesson: FORM