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Primary Lesson 5: Texture

How do we SEE and TOUCH texture?

What You'll Learn in This Lesson

It’s easy to touch a surface and feel ACTUAL TEXTURE. When texture is created in an image on a flat page, or in an artwork, we can’t actually TOUCH or FEEL the texture on a smooth surface, However, we can still SEE it! VISUAL TEXTURE is created by patterns of repeated lines, shapes, or colors. 


Discover the landscape of TEXTURE, LINE, COLOR, SPACE, and SHAPE and the principles of pattern, repetition, and movement. Students create a landscape that expresses mood or feeling. It can be calm or turbulent, like the artwork of Vincent van Gogh. They can also create the design as a cut-and- paste textured collage of paper or fabric.

Experience TEXTURE and discover other art elements in this lesson with a 10-minute video and easy-to-follow projects.

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Primary Lesson: TEXTURE